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  1. Hello Michael Gimmeson, I am one of those people who is Allergic to the 21st Century. Most of the people who are dealing with these types of issues call it Environmental Illness or Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and if they react to electricity or electromagnetic fields, they will call it Electrical Hypersensitivity. I have serious reactions to man made chemicals and I also have reactions to electromagnetic fields and radio frequencies. I am very grateful that seizures are not on my list of things to experience. I am so very sorry about your son, please know that I said a prayer for him and your family today. I have no proof about how the Sun or the Earth's magnetic field affects me, but I can tell you, whether it's out in the country or in the city, the combination of mold, with an electromagnetic field or a radio frequency, especially Wi-Fi, will increase my reactions to the point where I cannot function. First I will start Stuttering, then I will start Stumbling, then I will start Sniveling, which is really irritating because I'm not typically a crier, after that I will start doing Stupid things, and then it gets Scary! I call it my S list. I try to avoid it. I was living in a home where all of the walls were filled, on the inside, with black mold. I did not know it until after I had moved out of that house. I have now become sensitized to mold, of all kinds, and since you find mold everywhere, it can make life interesting. There have been times when I just could not figure out what I was reacting to out in the country, away from everybody and everything, until a friend of mine, who is also Allergic to the 21st Century, said that she had issues with both solar flares and coronal mass eruptions. I only recently found out about this, so I have no tracking at all, to prove my theory. But I was delighted to see that research is going forward. I was also sorry, yet at the same time, glad, to see that other people are noticing correlations as well. My doctor is a toxicologist, and internist, and he has a video about EHS or electrical hypersensitivity that you may find interesting. He also is an expert on mold and how debilitating that can be to the body and the mind. I hope this information helps you and your family and especially your son. https://youtu.be/lRn4x6tEVLU This one is on EHS https://youtu.be/tYiobjrazQA This one is about mold. RachelDLS
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