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  1. This is what I’ve been thinking. I have bad hypersensitivities (light, sounds) and they tend to worsen along geostorms. One thing is that when Kp index is 0 - I am usually hyperactive and have very little -or none- sleep. I did notice that this was once mentioned on space weather.com by one man but his thoughts were very quickly shot down. So I didn’t have the courage to share my experience. But there is affects on human healt with high kp’s - so why not at lows? It would be interesting to hear your comments on this phenomena. Sunny
  2. Hi there! I have aspergers syndrome, tourette, migraine and ADD. I have had epilepsy-like seizures 3 years and I started to study the link between geostorms and them. I also found a lots of information about this and also much about other human-effects. I had these seizures during geostorms. With medication seizures have stopped but bad migraines tend to occur always when geomagnetism is fluctuating. And I have made my own little study with my friends and I always give information to them, when G-storms are informed to occur. And every time I get the same results: friends with diabetes have very Hard time to keep their insuline-balance In control and everyone with migraine gets a bad One. Myself I have More neurological symptoms (tics and migraine-auras lasting even 4 days) and swelling, tiredness, tinnitus and nausea. Also these happen to my children too. And they report that In their school children get nausea while storms. I have noticed also that my dogs and cats also vommit with no reason at times of G's. I worked In place with diasbled people and noticed that while storms there was also a lot of involuntary wetting and mood-swings. And more frequent seizures with people with epilepsy and big troubles to get insuline-levels right with diabetics. Sunny
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