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  1. Ya know its hard to believe finding a current discussion about this. 2 of the most unpredictable events that humans have ever known, or experienced, are Seizures and Solar Activity (with old g/f and mother in a tight race). There is no record when either began, and will probably be some of the final events humans endure as well... And, in all that time... and the time to come... there is a very good chance either may forever be MIS--understood, and therefore open to discussions of discovery and share genuine experiences. We may never be able to help ourselves, but, all of us have opportunities to assist those to come. I am much appreciative for the beginning of this "Down to Earth" dialogue (literally)... The next step here is to update the old laptop so I can also share. Terrible Events but this is a Wonderful Topic. I guess I'm a bit partisan though... more to follow...
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