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  1. You will find rhetoric in any think tank.
  2. Cazador, sounds like we are in agreement with the political motivation and global warming, our planet is heating up, gradually, this is not to say it will continue to do so, Our atmosphere and planet, including the words oceans must be viewed as a naturally changing environment. We cannot underestimate the impact of toxic pollutants and deforestation, the long term effect of the role humans play in this planets changing temperatures will not be seen; Until we ourselves come up with a plan which is zero pollution and humankind agreeing to a program of global sustainable practises. There is no crystal ball, so your ideas are as welcome as any scientists that I know. Sadly, political motivation comes hand in hand with new schemes to generate billions of dollars so that we can then waste the money on pseudo science. We have already funneled billions of dollars into Dark Matter, to what end? Dark Matter clearly does not exist but the proponents will scream otherwise. We are seeing the same behavior regarding the climate, climate studies and government sponsored programs feeding "bad" data to the public in order to justify huge expenditures and new tax programs. Sadly, I entered the world of Science with altruistic ideals, yet I see many of my colleagues sell out to phoney schemes for money. I believe the future of understanding our changing climate will come from young people, still in University. Not to tarnish science, I only want to point out that Science is only able to find results and answers to why things work the way they do. There is no cure for our planet from science, it remains with all people to make concientious descisions about pollutants and our mass consumption of natural resources, unchecked population expansion, and of course, remembering all the while, whilst we pay off our mortgages, drive expensive cars, eat at fancy restaurants that we do this at the expense of a dwindling environment. All of us need to knuckle down, pull in our belts and reverse corporate government, back to a government of the people, for this planet. Keep up with your studies, feel free to post ideas, together we will find the solution to the unfolding crisis. I make outrageous claims all the time! My upper class mates at Uni give me grief all of the time. I'm working on my doctorate in Theoretical quantum physics with a post grad study in exotic wave theory. Not a Dr. Yet!!! But thanks for the compliment!!
  3. Thank you, your correction is accurate I speed read all of the statements and mis quoted. Thank you for the correction In addition, I would feel terrible if I have mislead any amateur astronomy enthusiasts or colleagues within the physics community. My observations are solely my own. It is hoped that my observations of electromagnetism and the cycle of exchange between our star and the planet are taken into consideration by fellows of astrophysics, OIG division at NASA, JPL, CAL TECH, My associates at Purdue and Dr. Professor Sir Richard Friend at Cambridge. Though I have put forward some serious speculation regarding interference of TSI monitoring, it is my greatest hope to be able to gently remind this great community of scientists that we must consider those ideas which have not been put forward for peer review. I am excited to be able to say that I am close to being able to release my findings about the role aerosols play in magnetic and thermolytic exchange. I fully expect that when I present a new postulate, that these organisations we care so much about, add their 2 cents worth as well! It is not my intention to confuse, nor is it my intent to obfuscate previous proven theories regarding TSI, electro dynamism, pollution studies and earth quake studies. I realise that my idea of the atmosphere being a catalyst for change because I see it as a film filled with reactive particulates. My hope is that some of our scientific thinkers in this community chime in either way. I apologise if I have put forth an idea which confuses amateur astronomy enthusiasts. I look forward to understanding the findings if any, to prove my theory of the atmosphere perhaps, behaving like a metallic film. I know that this is an unusual idea, but, with an ever changing armosphere and ever changing particulate concentration within, that finding real scientific results may be impossible. I have not been called a quack, but if I am, than I will have to accept that. A last note, regarding the promulgation of "The Electric Universe" idea... I am not a follower, I always try to make the best correlations in my personal research, based upon facts and data. But as a scientist I am aware also that all ideas have merit, yet, finding the correlation and connectivity, the links, proving one fact or idea connects to the next without doubt, Is always the driving force behind any of my ideas. I apologise if I have been misleading in anyway, and I realise some of my ideas may seem Un related. I'm working on it. Thank You, Mr. Fractal
  4. Stratospheric measurements are affected because of the di-pole di-pole electromagnetic plasma exchange. As our planet accepts particles, it also EXPELLS particles during the reverse exchange, literally millions upon millions of electrically charged particles are exchanged due to the law of both thermodynamics through thermallitic exchange and the laws of electromagnetism. As our planet accepts particles, so are vast quantities of particles exchanged back towards our star. Though these particles of atmospheric pollutants and radioactive elements are contained by gravity, it is the act of "atomic magnetic return" which strips off huge quantities of pollution and sends those particulates back into outer space. Thus, not only does this sub atomic magnetic exchange alleviate vast quantities of upper atmospheric pollutants, the particles themselves are attracted back towards the sun. These radioactive subatomic pollutants are negatively charged and carry with them sulfites, which on thier way back out into outer space, interfere with incoming TSI.I believe Rubens to be Correct in his statement regarding the accuracy of TSI measurements from satellites. Those satellites are calibrated to test only that which is incoming, not those radioactive magnetised particles containing sulfites which are out going.
  5. Artist, I am afraid I am on my own with my hypothesis. I am not quoting credible sources, these observations are my own from years of studies regarding sulphur compounds in the atmosphere and following earthquakes and volcanisim quite closely these last 4 years. At this point, this hypothesis is my own... I will try and answer this, we have to consider TSI, EMR "electromagnetic radiation", Magnetic Attraction, Combined thermolytic coupling of radioactive Protons in situ, "that quantitative radiation which exists in the space between our planet and the sun as a "constant" ", The new forms of Galactic radiation that our planet moves into as it travels the elipse of the galactic wheel. Because of the solar minimum, our planetary magnetosphere is in a state on entropy. Quantum flux tubes which exchange polorised radiation and electromagnetic plasma are currently shrinking, the amount of Nobel gasses in our atmosphere with combinations of sulphur are also a key factor in the way electromagnetic waves connect with the earth and fluxuate. The connection between earth quakes can be seen as a symptom of the condition of radiation and electromagnetic plasma being given off by our star, the quantity of ferrous iron in the earth's crust is the "great attractor" causing a reverse charge to be sent back out into space, similar to "sprites" observed above thunderclouds. Our atmosphere acts as a conductive film. At times when sulphur combinations with other metals and radiation in the upper atmosphere are high then we can observe a specific fluctuation in the behavior of incoming radiation and electromagnetism from the Sun.This specific behavior I refer to is one of attraction outwardly towards our star. It is the combination of atmospheric plasma, the condition of this planet's quantum flux tubes, the angle of plasma discharge from the sun directly impacting magnetic compounds in the earth's crust, and the dipole response back towards the sun. We are heading to a solar minimum yet this planet is having many 5.0 and 6.0 Mag. Quakes, this is partly due to a huge number of strato volcanos which have been highly active since the solar change. It is the period of change, whether going into solar minimum, or into solar maximum that causes the volcanic activity and the increase in microscopic metals being pumped into the atmosphere in Huge quantity. This, I believe is because we are not seeing the intermix of electromagnetism interference from our atmosphere. We must view our atmosphere as a (dynamic metallic film) which has a huge impact on the attraction of metals in the earth's crust. Compounded only by the entropy of the magnetosphere. Our atmosphere is Magnifying the attraction of our star, And magnification of the TSI as it occurs due to the orientation of sulphur crystals in vast quantity in the stratosphere. This is why I believe the new solar maximum will be heralded by strong quakes. We are neglecting studies regarding quantity of metals in the stratospheric levels and this mistake, will cause us to have inaccurate measurements of both TSI and electromagnetic connections to behavior within our planets mantle due to these factors
  6. Artist, thank you for the link to Sorce! And also THANK YOU for getting back to Rueben about the image that I received from you and enlarged. I also should next time state where the image was derived. Thanks that won't happen again. , I had to log on just now to ask you and this community about the recent quantity of tremors, earthquakes and volcanism which totals some 950+ which has happened in the last three days. Artist as you brought to my attention, there has been a 6.5 Mag at 12mi depth near Kiska Alaska, there was also a 6.2Mag off the coast of Ecuador not much more than 30 hours prior. Could The Sun be exciting Iron Protons in the earth and "pulling" on these regions? I have also been following earthquakes from Mexico to Alaska along crustal plate zones following from Chile all the way to the Aleutian Islands I have noticed a correlation between activity from Central America and Alaska the earthquakes seem to be pinging back-and-forth. I am having difficulty locating p-wave information regarding the transferral of great amounts of energy far beneath the crust. Though we can register earthquakes as far as four or five hundred kilometers down for some reason we are unable to find information about pressure wave transfers furthur below within the central area of the liquid mantle. I think it would be prudent at this point between the amount of earthquakes between Central America and the Pacific Northwest to put Santiago Chile, Los Angeles, Mexico City and San Francisco on alert. As you can see from the photo, courtesy Volcanos and Earthquakes. Com, there has been a very large increase in volcanism and earthquake activity. Any recent conversations? From Telemetry, JPL, NASA, Cal Tech or any other scientific research individuals would be appreciated. I believe the entrance into Cycle 25 will be heralded by much, much larger earthquakes. Be safe everyone and think about putting together a 24 hour emergency bag. Keep it by the door. Be safe, Mr. Fractal
  7. Thank you, I'm looking for a recently developed model which may describeThe internal mechanics, but..it looks like The energy is spreading from the central horizon to the top pole and the bottom Pole at the same time. I need to get a program where I can drop some arrows over the image to show the direction of flow.
  8. Fantastic! This is especially important, though I'd like to wait until the 30 hour observations are concluded. The upper quadrant where we see this activity is a little surprising for me, I have been following the sun spots over the last 3 weeks and have found them to be around the Horizon line, and just a little bit below the horizon line. This recent activity in the upper quadrant that you pointed out shows us that there may be some fluctuation in the internal mechanics beneath the area in which we can observe, driving a New source of Deep discharge from within. Perhaps this is signaling a new shift of the polarity of plasma where we may expect an increase in sun spots along this current equitorial region. Thank you
  9. I'll check out that link Thanks
  10. Thank you, I haven't had the chance to do enough research into the measurements of incoming waves and x rays. Are there any other unusual particle or energised plasmas associated with the recent findings?
  11. That means we should be expecting some Ionospheric perturbation, if an uptick in x ray emission is present, than won't we see a matching emission of charged particles? Since 12 midnight there have been 5, 5 Magnitude earthquakes, any chance there's a correlation between the discharge and our weakened magnetosphere? Hmmm? Need another cup of coffee... There's also been two 6.0 Mag! The plot thickens...
  12. Beautiful post Artist thank you! And thanks for all of the information. I'm still not sure we are that close to Solar Cycle 25, but will be keeping an eye on updates from you and petrozzi Here. That sun sure throws a surprise every now and then, I've learned not to take myself to seriously when making predictions, your careful observations are excellent, and will prove to be the best way to understand our star, careful, daily observations. Great work everybody !! thank you. Mr. Fractal
  13. Artist, I think since the Maunder Minimum The total TSI increase of 0.096% which you had shown me has to be considered as an influence on weather mechanics, but as far as blaming weather phenom on TSI... I think is untenable, since the lasting effect of total irradiance is based on that count of particles which have a current (real time) effect during solar irradiance, the planet cools at night and the ionosphere fluctuates the dispersion of (recieved spectral radiation) only effects that weather in which the increased irradiance reacts with at the time. Hence, comparing TSI alongside other weather related phenom from the past has to be calculated to consider the other factors such as coal carbon SO2 emissions, deforestation, Co2 increase and of course Hfcl and Other hydro flouro carbon combinations. When the Thames froze in the 17th century global coal use was on the increase in western Europe, Heavy metal smelting and the massive amounts of Galena ore burned by Scandinavian countries to produce iron steel between 1259 and 1799 was also very high, huge amounts of heavy metals were burned althroughout Europe in the search for High quality Iron for armaments in the Beginnings of the industrial revolution, Waiting 30 hours for sunspot registry is smart because it gives a valuable length of Solar irradiance to measure, if the spots last over 24hours and returns on the limb, then you can bet that there will be a small if not marginal short term effect on weather phenomena to a "cummaltive end"😆 Being able to predict WHEN the spots will return is the Big Fish! You guys are way smarter than me!!
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