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  1. How remarkable is the current solar minimum historically? I recall looking at this last year and was expecting a pick-up in solar activity around the end of last year/or beginning of this.
  2. Hi theartist Yes, that is what I read. I think who made most of these observations historically is known. Thus, there should be detectable "steps" with improvements in technology that should be detectable, if that was the case. JB1
  3. Dear Marcel de Bont, theartist, Vancanneyt Sander, Emilio Petrozzi, Mr.Fractal Thank you for all the great posts! I am a newbie amateur that became interested based on some of the media accounts of work in this space. Those models had somewhat divergent predictions of future sunspot activity- Cycle 25. As a Ph.D. in another field (Chemical Engineering) I find all this fascinating. The fascination is probably spurred by my late father, who was an outstanding amateur astronomer. And then you have the sun spot history itself. It was "corrected" (I use quotes because I have no idea if I think it was appropriate) in this work described here: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2015/08/150807220750.htm Any idea what was the basis for correcting this (in laymen's terms)? How it was done and why the "corrected" data is more believable than the original data? It shows no increase in solar activity, yet, other accounts have recent solar activity at a 8000 year high https://www.space.com/484-sunspot-activity-8-000-year-high.html My laymen's take: solar behavior is poorly understood, but the next 5 to 15 years could be an opportunity for significant advances. Even less understood is the impact of solar activity on climate.
  4. Hi All When do most models have Cycle 25 activity increasing? One I looked at looked like late 2019. Thanks in advance. James
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