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  1. I am not a medical provider, although I was previously a staff member for a surgery residency, so I have some knowledge and understanding about what knowledge souraces are more effacious. There are some studies in Pubmed regarding solar events and strokes. I believe there is some relationship between solar weather and possibly geological and weather on earth (but those who moderate this site would know a lot more). There have been studies identifying a relationship between inflammation felt in the body (in particular) migraines and barometric pressure (as well as menstrual cycles). There also have been studies identifying that there is some relationship that yet remains elusive between strokes and heart attacks and the weather. They tend to occur on Mondays with greater frequency. There is also some elusive relationship between these events and dew point, temperature change, and barometric pressure. From an anecdotal level, I have experienced this with migraines (for the last 17 yrs) and the expression of the severity of damage in my motor cortex since having a stroke.
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