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  1. Hello Carl Yes, I just was not aware, this is not a HAM radio. I read about it, quite interesting. What is your receiver, what are you listening to, and which antenna? Best Regards 73! Alexander R2FBT
  2. Hello Carl I do not even know what to answer to this question. I'm not familiar with this range of waves for several reasons: 1. In Russia it is not allowed for HAM radio (maybe for now, but we do not even have 60, 6 and 4 meter ranges for HAM) 2. Antennas for this range are gigantic in size, due to the wavelengths. Best Regards 73! Alexander R2FBT
  3. Hello! I want to offer you a translation into Russian. I am an radioamateur and find your site very convenient and useful for researching the passage. Best Regards 73! Alexander R2FBT
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