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  1. I have in the past. My SID receiver was of the second ver. it died over five years ago. I got some good data from it, but it was marginal from my location. I now use VLT-Tools as i found the past (current ?) software fail when I was forced to upgrade to Windows 10. I have found that you HAVE to have a good sound card with greater then 48K sample rate. Most laptops stop at 48k. I would say a good 96Kusb sound card will help a whole lot!! BTW the 1m loop antenna system that they include is great for any vlf work
  2. Without getting into a lot of detail (Google Natural VLF), I use the earth/Ionosphere wave guide to monitor the solar wind/x-ray emissions from the sun and its interactions with the earth. Anything with a ground current potential (ie. clouds/electrical grids/earthquakes etc..) can be effected.
  3. Hello all, Anyone looking at ELF/VLF activity? I am in Wasilla AK 99654, USA. I have been monitoring VLF (3KHz-24KHz) EMF for a few years. Any others out there wish to compair/corllate data?
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