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  1. Hi all, I am also active in that area for a couple of years. My Ham radio callsign is LX1KM. I have developed a shematic based on Gregory Hodowanec experiences (rhysmonic cosmology). Currently observing special cosmic radiations on a daily basis that I am sometimes able to correlate with particular solar activities, but not always. Still trying to understand what I see! I am sharing this briefly without much comments as I have not enough time, on a blog dedicated to this activity: cosmosradio.home.blog The circuit I am using has been simplified and I just assembled my first PCB board. The idea is to have this one replicated and running elsewhere on this Planet. That's why I let it print 10 times and have all the necessary components. If somebody is interested in participating to this journey and share results, feel free to post me a message. Best 73s Michel
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