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  1. Steve,Milky Way and Aurora

    Beautiful. Steve looks like two twisted bands!
  2. Apparent Double Helix "Proton Arc" aka Steve

    Taken the evening of May 27-28 during the strong geomagnetic storm. It extended from horizon to horizon and was nearly overhead. Midland Michigan USA around midnight EDT.

    © Timothy Wenzel

  3. Michigan USA Aurora and ISS Flyover

    During the display this morning (3-4 AM EDT) the ghostly ISS slowly drifted through the towering colors and added to the beauty. Created from eight 15 sec stacked exposures. Midland, Michigan USA

    © Timothy Wenzel 2015

  4. Violet Jets

    This morning's display was unexpectedly good! (July 23, 2015, 3AM- 4AM EDT) Midland Michigan USA

    © Timothy Wenzel 2015