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  1. I encourage people to give money to SWL as we approach the next solar cycle. Traffic will grow in the coming future, and I just think it's generous to give so the next individuals interested in space weather can benefit from this ressource, as we did. After all, from what I read, I'm not the only one who's anxiety benefited from SWL I just gave 10 euros. It isn't much, but it's all I can afford for now.
  2. I always liked astronomy, but what brought me here is that as a survivalist, my worst-case scenario is a massive class X CME that would wipe out power grids. Now I feel much less anxiety about this, the more I learn about the sun, the less anxious I am. Thanks to this website ❤️
  3. Maybe you should look into where this anxiety comes from. I know it can be pretty hard to live with, this is what brought me here originally.
  4. It means that they include a wide margin of error in the analysis of the CME. Forecast : impossible to predict if CME material will indeed hit Earth, or more likely how much of it, but judging by its size and velocity, even if it did, it wouldn't do much. Maybe some auroras. I wonder.
  5. Agreed! About this, enjoy this website : https://www.tylervigen.com/spurious-correlations
  6. And he shouldn't have to. The burden of proof relies on the ones who make a claim. Doesn't excuse his poor behavior, though. How could comets introduce virions on Earth?
  7. I am unconvinced. I understand it may be a possibility, for it is likely that radiation (the increase or decrease thereof) affects microorganisms more than larger living beings, but it seems to me that the article is flawed : - It is cherrypicking pandemics ; to be of any causal value, EVERY pandemic mutation worldwide should be put in comparison to the solar cycle - The margin of error of +/- 2 years, paired with an 11 years half-cycle makes a margin of about 20%, which indicates possible correlation, but is far from proving causality - The authors' explanation of microorganisms in the atmosphere only applies to non-viral organisms (bacteria, parasites, fungi, etc.), so every viral or prion-related epidemics should be ruled out from this particular way of observing mutation, for they can only mutate inside of living hosts. So this is why I'm asking for more. I am totally open to this possibility, and it would make very interesting research open to serious scholars if it were more widely studied, but I cannot draw conclusions based on this article only, sorry.
  8. Occam's razor. Maybe the coming of spring makes people more energized.
  9. I feel the authors don't establish a clear link between both phenomenons. Do you have any other article regarding the subject?
  10. Very interesting text at the bottom of the page. I loved it.
  11. Big flares are vary wary of such threads, and although they normally don't tackle or outright ban them, they do not share this kind of interest. Trust me. I've been here for a while. We've seen so many. Enjoy the discussion.
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