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  1. G3 Geo storm

    It can happen i think but once it goes down to a 1 or less it usually dosnt spike back up unless a new CME Impacts us
  2. G3 Geo storm

    So the storm is at a G4 now and im kinda starting to get nervous about this
  3. G3 Geo storm

    Wonder if it will be big enough to affect infrastructure?
  4. G3 Geo storm

    Looks like us northerners will have a chance to see some aurora tonight. A G3 solar storm is in the forcast for this evening.
  5. Storm Alert

    Im hoping for the best in terms of aurora with this storm it will be interesting to see what this storm unfolds into. BTW thanks for guiding me here Marcel.
  6. Looks like we have a G3 storm forecasted. Post your thoughts here if you would like.
  7. Just A Question

    I guess your right but I still am going to try to prepare for anything that may threaten my way of life.
  8. Just A Question

    Thanks it really puts things in a better perspective for me. But thats still very possible in my lifetime so it will be interesting to see when it happens and what will happen.
  9. Just A Question

    Wow! 12%! Dosnt that seems a bit on the high side? I mean In terms of astronomical standpoint that seems like the chances are pretty high
  10. Just A Question

    I know that this is a very hard question to answer and that there is probably no definite answer but id like to ask anyways. What are the chances of a Carrington Class Event happening in the next oh, Lets say 50 years?
  11. New Region-anything happening

    To take a line from a old irish folksong (I am part irish) that my grandmother sang to me sometimes. "Ar feadh One Of WIT dhá cuimhní anois cant liom a aisghlaoch" . Sorry my irish isnt the best anyway danderson you keep worrying about whats happening you may be saying this when your old.
  12. New Region-anything happening

    I think I may do the same here On n'apprend pas aux vieux singes à faire des grimaces. I think this is the case with danderson when you think about it its true.
  13. G3 Storming Today

    Really nice post seems like you and me share in some of the same thoughts and interests I would really like to talk to you more feel free to start a chat on the website or on facebook if you dont mind,
  14. G3 Storming Today

    Possibly just a malfunction? Maybe the storm shorted or damaged something in it. Just my guess.
  15. G3 Storming Today

    Alright thanks for the info.