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  1. Discrepancy In X-Ray Data?

    We've seen this before too and don't really understand why NOAA suddenly uses secondary data instead of their primary source. Normally if there are troubles with primary data, it is announced that they would switch to secondary but when solar flare strengths are added we'll get situations like this. Sometimes NOAA isn't really correct . PS.: Source mode is not available for safety reasons (if a spammer gets through, it could do plenty of things wrong with html injection )
  2. CME Math

    Maybe some more input you can utilize for your equations: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-017-04546-3
  3. Changelog/Featurelog

    We are excited to launch a new feature today as an enhancement of our Coronal Hole alerts: As these tweets are very popular, it had to get it's own dedicated page on our website. While that page is still in development, we are thrilled to launch the first major feature of that page: the Coronal Hole map. Besides the SDO image where you can see coronal holes, it isn't always that easy for beginners to see the holes itself, so that's why we developed our own coronal hole maps, updated every hour and shows you where the holes are. On the new page you'll always get a good look on the coronal holes and when to expect effects from them on Earth. The page will be extended when we launch our next major version of the website!
  4. Changelog/Featurelog

    An issue was reported on the site about the solar cycle page. It seems that the SWPC uses outdated sunspot numbers that are different from the international sunspot number. As such, we have replaced that data with the real international sunspot number and updated the corresponding graphs. We'd like to thank the Leibniz-Institut für Atmosphärenphysik e.V. for reporting this to us and helped us improve our website.
  5. Any Free App for IOS for monitoring Geo-storm?

    When an alert is send out, you'll receive a instant notification on your smartphone. Swipe to read it and click the link in the alert which takes you to the page where the data resides where you follow the events as they happen live on SpaceWeatherLive.
  6. Any Free App for IOS for monitoring Geo-storm?

    First you have to follow us before you can turn on notifications
  7. Any Free App for IOS for monitoring Geo-storm?

    Next to the wrench icon is a bell icon which turns on notifications
  8. Any animated picture of an aurora?

    You mean the Live Photos that you can set on an iPhone as wallpaper? Although the iPhone has a good sensor, you still need a tripod and an exposure time of multiple seconds to really catch the aurora on a picture itself and have a quality that would be superb to display. As a Live Photo is a mini movie of 1.5 seconds, it's probably not looking that great if you shoot it. I'm guessing there are some apps in the App Store to make a Live Photo based on some video you have on your camera roll.
  9. Any Free App for IOS for monitoring Geo-storm?

    How to subscribe for alerts on my Smartphone/Tablet? Install the official Twitter App on your smartphone/tablet Go to our profile @_SpaceWeather_ On our profile page, click on follow and next tap the bell icon to enable notifications Select “All tweets” to start receiving the alerts
  10. Any Free App for IOS for monitoring Geo-storm?

    We use this site which is optimized for mobile devices to follow up on Space Weather. We also have push alerts available for iOS through the official Twitter app so you'll get instant notifications on geomagnetic storms and other space weather events.
  11. DSC07443.JPG

    Nice capture!
  12. Momenteel kans

    Hehe ja was even paniek toek ik de alert zag komen , handig die push meldingen. Hadden al de drempel eens verlaagd voor zulke foute data maar blijkbaar nog niet genoeg hebben intussen wat extra checks ingevoerd voor als het IRF nog eens gras maait
  13. Problem with Kiruna Magnetometer

    There was probably an issue at the IRF which manages the Kiruna magnetometer. It's not the first time it had glitches and we already had some checks running to prevent this issue. Unfortunately there was another error which ended up in displaying a graph with incorrect values. It seems that the IRF doesn't really check the data feed for errors and false positives so we will do some further checks on new data so we hope we can prevent this in the future and hope that IRF does fix their issues.
  14. Momenteel kans

    Is een bug in de Kiruna magnetometer die foutieve waarden registreert. We gaan onze filters nog eens wat moeten aanscherpen om hun foutieve waarden te corrigeren.
  15. 3axis magnetometer

    The data contains too much noise to get a good view on the magnetometer data and interpret it. This noise is created due to local disturbances from electronic devices nearby. The device itself can also create loads of noise due to antennas and other components. Maybe you can find some more info about that on the Sam Europe page which has software and build instructions for a local magnetometer: http://www.sam-europe.de/en/index_en.html