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  1. Finalised official Kp index archive is available at GFZ Potsdam: https://www.gfz-potsdam.de/en/kp-index/
  2. Solar activity has been very low for many weeks now. We are in solar minimum where the solar x-rays are at its lowest. So what you’re experiencing has nothing to do with that.
  3. There is no answer to that unfortunately 🤷‍♂️. Space is like it is, very big and a lot of space between the objects and much of it still unknown. But don’t let it scare ya 😉 we have to accept it like it is
  4. There is no real-time Kp data. Kp index is derived from the magnetometer readings of several stations. Depending on the deflection of those magnetometer readings, stands a local K-indice. The Kp index gets updated every 3 hours based on the data of the previous 3 hours. swpc provides only threshold alerts, just like we provide, when Kp reaches active levels or storm levels during a three hour period. if you want to have “live” Kp data, try some magnetometer data. For example the Kiruna magnetometer station provides such a service based on the magnetometer readings from their station.
  5. I live in the lower middle latitude, meaning i need at least Kp 7/8 to have a little chance of seeing it. If the magnetometers readings are good for my location i would be able to see it near the northern horizon but nothing fancy. For my location the display is more red than green because that part is still below horizon. Even in a huge event, i would still look from the side so i won't be able to see the curtains but it does give more colors. Few examples from the Netherlands:
  6. We have found a method for zooming in on images that are opened in a pop-up :) it greatly enhances the viewing of images on mobile devices
  7. Thank you for using the app and the feedback! The 3 day and 1 day graphs are zoomable with "pinch to zoom", the small 2h graphs aren't because those contain less data. Some graphs now have some zoom buttons to zoom in on the dynamic graphs but you can still use "pinch to zoom" as well. Text doesn't size with it when zooming in, that's true. A future font-size increase could be implemented. Image popups are indeed not zoomable, we still have to figure a solution out for that (for example SDO images would be good if you can zoom in on those when tapping on them). I hope i can figure that out someday to get that working :-)
  8. The solar wind and interplanetary magnetic field page with data of the past 24h got an overhaul. To make it more easy to view data without scrolling, we arranged the graphs into tabs for easy switching between the parameters.
  9. There seems to be a dip in the solar x-rays every 24 hours which is something new when we compare it with the previous GOES X-ray sensors. The new GOES-16 sensor is way more sensitive especially in the lower X-ray classes. But mostly in these quiet days every 24h there is a small decrease that normally, when solar activity is higher, you won't see happening. It can be triggered by small magnetic variation in the geosynchronous orbit just like the GOES magnetometer that has similar variations.
  10. We published an app update, version 1.2.3 on iOS and Android. It ads the ability to switch to another language than the system language. You’ll find it in the app menu under settings -> choose language. with the new translation platform we also added some links to it in the language selector and on our about page. We thank all current and new translators with their amazing work!
  11. Deleting topics after a question was answered is not the way that function was ment for. That’s why it was disabled. you can always edit your post x minutes after posting. When writing your post, think what you’re writing to compose good posts and post when you think it’s good enough. The browser will save the text even if you haven’t posted it yet. only if posts doesn’t meet the forum guidelines the moderators will remove it. You can always report a topic so moderators can take a look if any action should be taken.
  12. As stated on the silso page: Please note that the number and stretches of spotless days may differ from those of other sources (e.g. NOAA,…). The reason for this is simply because we (SILSO) are using a different network than e.g. NOAA. the observation time differs from those of noaa. On November 13th there was a plage region that probably had one spot during the observations of silso observatories and when NOAA woke up and looked there where none left.
  13. First answer: not every CME is analysed by SWPC and thus their model wasn’t updated. They probably found it not notable enough but yet it had an impact. Not the first time that this happens. Bigger noteworthy CME events are always modelled. Answer two: to see if a CME is Earth directed, it’s best to look at the difference images of Lasco and view the animated gif or movie to see it all moving. If the CME makes a circle that grows wider and wider in the image, it will be Earth directed (or in the opposite direction away from Earth for backside events). Partial halo CME’s can happen also where we the view is a bit different. In the image below are a few examples with very strong CME's in a difference image. This to make it more easy to see what happens. The two top images are full halo CME's, the left one is towards Earth and the second was a backside event. The bottom left image is a partial halo CME, the bottom right is a close one where a flank of the CME might hit but could also miss us.
  14. Every post can be reported by a member, we as administrators and moderators can then decide to hide/remove posts or take any other question. The forum has a reputation system for members, and thus far you could give neutral and positive reputation to users, not negative reputation. The members can then decide to like what they read in the topics and now (just added) what they dislike. The reputation system will let members see if a users has posted valuable content or not. Posts with enough positive reputation points are highlighted in the topic.
  15. Update: After an hour of digging searching and testing we think we found the culprit in our code. It should not happen again, but we'll be monitoring it.
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