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  1. Vancanneyt Sander

    Recent Cycle #25 Sunspot

    The STAR is indeed a very good reference too, it also knows that NOAA isn't always that right and has it's own analysis and region designation as @Kaimbridge already noted. I always check them out for extra info so keep it in your bookmarks.
  2. Vancanneyt Sander

    Recent Cycle #25 Sunspot

    The sunspot number is determined by the SIDC, the sunspot regions are determined every midnight UTC by SWPC. If at that time that small region hasn’t been observed it won’t be acknowledged as an official region. If that region would last one more day it would get numbered eventually but as with every new region it depends on when it has emerged. New cycle regions will appear more frequently as the sc24 ends.
  3. Vancanneyt Sander

    Sunspot region at an extremly high latitude?

    The highest observed sunspot region in the northern hemisphere up until now was AR11069 with an latitude of 42°! (and it even produced a M1.2 solar flare!). On the Southern Hemisphere we had two regions AR9518 and AR9523 that where on latitude of 50°!
  4. Vancanneyt Sander

    Solar wind temperature graph

    For the less experienced users, Kelvin is more known then kilo-kelvin. That’s why we used Kelvin in the mouse over. The logaritmic scaling probably has its reasons of swpc, because the old ACE was also using logarithmic scaling we also used it in our graph.
  5. Vancanneyt Sander

    Solar wind temperature graph

    Hi Helios, On the longer timespan page (with data of the past day), we have added your suggestion. We'll maybe add some more tweaks over the next few days. If you got any comments on the implementation, let us know. The change will also reflect in our iOS and Android app.
  6. Vancanneyt Sander

    Solar wind temperature graph

    Just an update, we've been working on this and here's the preliminary result:
  7. Vancanneyt Sander

    Solar wind temperature graph

    Thx for the feature request, I’ve added it to our project board and we’ll digg into it. Can’t promise anything but I do like the request 😁.
  8. Vancanneyt Sander

    Discrepancy In X-Ray Data?

    Yes, we've noticed this too and made a fix to prevent this. Hopefully some new flares to see if it's all ok now
  9. Vancanneyt Sander

    Does Solar & Geomagnetic Activity Affect Health?

    We are protected by a thing that's called the magnetosphere, the harmful radiation that comes from the Sun gets blocked and thus the effects are negligible. High altitude flights can get a bit of a higher dose, but still below the international criteria. Only during severe geomagnetic storms, where the magnetosphere gets hammered by a very strong solar wind and shrinks, the dosis increases, polar flights are then not permitted (mostly because of effects on instruments like GPS) and also EVA's are not possible for the people in the ISS. The Sun has an influence on life, but not for a headaches and such, that's what I wanted to say.
  10. Vancanneyt Sander


    Happy new year everyone!Read our news post for a quick look back at 2018. We ended 2018 with making work of some refactoring and now the live graphs will load dynamically upon loading the site, no need to refresh the page anymore! Another New year's gift is something new in our app (available on Android and iOS). In the menu 'Auroral activity' when you click on 'Auroral oval' you'll get a big map to view the latest ovation model. It’s now easier than ever to view the ovation model on your mobile device.
  11. Vancanneyt Sander

    Help translate SpaceWeatherLive into your language

    We'll send you a pm for that with more info! We can sure use some help with updating the German translation, it's currently at 65% completed. We'll PM you the info.
  12. Vancanneyt Sander

    Does Solar & Geomagnetic Activity Affect Health?

    The Earth’s magnetosphere protects us from the space weather effects from the Sun and thus humans can survive on Earth. Current research shows negligible or no effects on the life on Earth itself, but it can be dangerous for astronauts who go beyond the protective magnetosphere into space. Astronauts survived the influences from space, although no space walks are done during a solar radiation storm because that would harm astronauts because their unprotected. Other reasearch is done on neutrinos (from cosmic rays and/or sun). These particles don’t have mass but sometimes they collide with hydrogen atoms (based on readings from the neutrino detectors on Earth), because humans consist of hydrogen, such a collision of a particle could possible have an effect and is part of the research. I do not have any medical degree so I can only advise on what the space weather subject consists of and what we know from the effects from space weather. Please consult a doctor for the symptoms you are describing.
  13. Definetly possible, I’ve seen airplanes that took more dangerous turns 😉 When traffic above an airport is very busy, airplanes circle around before they get clearance to land.
  14. Vancanneyt Sander

    Help translate SpaceWeatherLive into your language

    Thank you for your interest. Our current Spanish translator has kept it up to date with the latest SWL version so that should be ok. If you want to help out with the help section, that's currently at 4% done.
  15. Vancanneyt Sander


    The Moon phase calendar has been extended. up until now you could only view the current and next month; now you can look further into the future which is more ideal when you're planning your next aurora trip.

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