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    Poollicht in Franeker op 9 november (F/2.8, 13s, ISO6400, rond 22:22 uur).
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    Fotografisch poollicht in Franeker op 4 november (F/2.8, 15s, ISO6400, rond 20:33 uur).
  3. 2 points
    Een beetje #poollicht in de donkere nacht (Franeker 07-10-2018, 22:23).
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    All the colours of the Aurora mixed in the Milky Way. New Zealand.

    © A.M Gutschlag

  5. 1 point
    Amazing night with the Aurora so bright. New Zealand

    © A.M Gutschlag

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    Hello and welcome. Sure looks like it! Opposite polarity from SC24 spots in the northern hemisphere and located at a high latitude. Ticks all the boxes of what could be a SC25 sunspot!
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    Verdorie, Vincent. Leuk. Heb ik weer gemist. Fijn dat je het even deelt, kunnen we min of meer ook nog een beetje genieten.
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