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  2. Very interesting text at the bottom of the page. I loved it.
  3. Big flares are vary wary of such threads, and although they normally don't tackle or outright ban them, they do not share this kind of interest. Trust me. I've been here for a while. We've seen so many. Enjoy the discussion.
  4. When will the Solar-Activity curve on spaceweatherlive.com be updated ? its old and months behind ...Hello speaceweather-staff if for once in your life you can make yourself usefull ...then that is now ... dont get it why you didnt do that already ...we are waiting to see which of the 2 prediction-methodes follows the actual curve ... while your'e at it make one that only shows the current year but then in as much as possible details ..use all the data you have ... if you dont do that then what is the use of making all these curves if they are good for nothing and cant be used when you need them.
  5. There are data showing that a strange pneumonia similar to that of Covid19 had been going on in Italy since January. Some even go so far as to say that he was born in Italy. So far many studies have denied the laboratory virus theory, in which case the Chinese have miserably failed its real effectiveness, but it is not an artificial virus. As for the economic strategy thesis, what is certain is that to recover the world economy it will have to change and impose tariffs on goods. All this will only go to the detriment of China.
  6. @David M Meaney Comon David ! ... yes hundreds of scientific papers have exactly done that just Google for Solar-Activty vs Virus-Outbreaks ...or... Solar-Activity vs Flu Allthough most plot them vs Maximal-Activity cause that drew the most attention over the last decades.
  7. I am a beginner here and thought perhaps a BEGINNERS GUIDE could be appropriate for the novice? BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO COSMIC RADIATION :
  8. Question for the forum. Has anyone plotted the arrival and dispersal of other pandemic against solar activity. Like the plague, Influenza, H1N1 to see if there is a correlation? Sorry if I haven'ed worded this correctly. i'm a BSEE not a scientist. Thank you..
  9. While I am not disputing the effect on Earth from the solar minimum, which is clearly defined in a recent article about Sao Paulo located on S 24 latitude and 800 elevation, I am still very suspicious about the miraculous recovery of China which is now in full recovery, industries going at full speed producing corona-virus rescue equipment for the World. Strange? According to the latest TV reports from China, it seems more and more that it was all well-planned to destroy the US economy and make China the largest world economy, which they were well on their way to before the corona-virus outbreak. Notice how well-prepared China looked to be with state-of-the-art equipment in the streets, suits and 2000 bed hospital built in four days. The government itself claims that the numbers perished are 2000 while the real figure is estimated at 40,000. A book was written in China in 1986 by a high-ranking military and a politician who stated that they were aware that China would not be able to challenge the United States militarily, but that it would be possible to create a viral pandemic that would ruining their finances. China has recovered incredibly quickly and their industry is now in full swing, while the United States is on the decline until they manage to control the outbreaks. During World War II, China was subjected to violent attacks from Japan that had highly developed war virus laboratories being tested in China. During the war, all prisoners of war in Japan were subjected to the most gruesome experiments in which the laboratories acquired a great deal of knowledge in developing harmful viruses. After the war, China vowed that they would never again be in the same situation and fully concentrated on virus experiments that have today made China highly developed.in viral technology. Therefore, it is very likely that Covid-19 was developed in Chinese laboratories and spread around the world, mainly in the United States. Sao Paulo readings : Coronavirus genetically engineered? Microorganisms and climate change: Looking forward to further developments here. Thanks for having me.
  10. I think the lynchpin of the theory of increased pandemics with a solar minimum is very plausible. As many of you mentioned, the UV rays are decreased during a solar minimum. UV rays aid in killing viruses. I would think that virus mutation happens all the time. That spread happens all the time. However, I think spread is increased during time of lesser UV rays. https://journals.ametsoc.org/doi/10.1175/JCLI-D-11-00571.1 Consider the human body -- it tends to cancer with oncogenes often throughout life. However, not all of those oncogenes spread and become a cancer problem due the ability for the body to use autophagy and apoptosis (the cells are restructured or the bad cells die). https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3970201/ Earth, has a similar ability for viruses and bacteria to evolve. Many of these are kept in check by the nature https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1280232/ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3231322/
  11. EXACTLY what I have been thinking and searching for. Thank you all for your inputs. I feel sure the Sun is stabilizing the Earth's microbiology to a greater or lesser level dependent on it's position in it's 11 year cycle. Am I right in thinking it is presently on it's way back and will have max effect in 7 years?
  12. It’s explained in the link you posted actually: In the case of a classic magnetic storm, the Dst shows a sudden rise, corresponding to the storm sudden commencement, and then decreases sharply as the ring current intensifies. Once the IMF turns northward again and the ring current begins to recover, the Dst begins a slow rise back to its quiet time level.
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  14. What are the stages or phases of the DST index? A possible result could be the following? http://pluto.space.swri.edu/image/glossary/dst.html Thanks in advance!
  15. Good news ! leading US weather istitute (Accuweather) has the same idea as me ...lets hope it happens ! https://www.accuweather.com/en/health-wellness/uv-radiation-from-the-sun-increases-by-a-factor-of-10-by-summer-and-could-be-key-in-slowing-covid-19/703393?fbclid=IwAR0xvl36yKC7t5Ur2zuh6UrUs5EF1_AlVCmE3mmwcec1n11wfUYdYXOkaEU
  16. Thanks Sun Burn & Sparkatronn could that be because simply no-one ever tried it ? or maybe because at that time they didnt see a use for it ? or maybe they did not have sensitive enough equipment ? From what i read about it it seems to me that viruses are very sensitive to it (even more if you hit it with most effective wavelength ...instead of the generally used 254nm) Also its about the DOSE ... a dose is Level X Time ... meaning even a very low radiation-level would have effect if you do it long enough ...and we are talking many months here. (same goes for absence of radiation) In addition... i find it a to big coincidence that this occurs right now at a 100 yr low record. In more addition it was already shown that flu/virus outbreaks are related to solar-activity mostly they talk about maximal ...which might be a different effect ... but it shurely has to do with it. It could be also one of the other wavelengths or type of radiation that is either max or very low right now. Even if you cant pinpoint which part of the spectrum is responsable for this ...you still could conclude that it is be related to the current very long low-activity. that would be enough to improve strategies based on when outbreak reaches maxima or minima ...that would be helpfull knowledge. ... I'm not convinced yet 😉 .
  17. These are all topics beyond this. "New Age" style theories of the "we are all connected" series or "5G danger" or not-interest me. What is described above is how the weakening of the Earth's magnetic field and the displacement of the Earth's magnetic pole occur during the secular decrease of solar activity and how events similar to that of Carrington occur in these periods due to the greater instability of the solar activity. I prefer to hear opinions from people who are interested in solar activity or the real changes in the magnetic field. Thanks.
  18. UV-C is a great Germicide but it's never been demonstrated to reach the ground.
  19. Unfortunately you will need to go into the molecular biology of the magnetic field and the human being. Carrington Event happened before or after the introduction of technology? We are all connected to the sun and earth. This is fact not philosophy, right? Magnetic fields have been compromised for many years and the new Tesla tech is going to cause major illness as the magnetic field is our health.
  20. @cosnow ... yes not enough data available ...and to much attention to solar-maximal only. In science you can also do things the other way around ...for example if 4 out of 5 facts point to a certain theory then you could ASSUME it is correct and go from there ... anything better then doing nothing. But that is not neccesary ... just google for "Solar-activity vs Virus-Outbreak" and you find enough serious results that point in the direction that i am pointing to ...after that show it to the media and decision-makers and let them use that info ..its all we have. .. i suggest we should do following: 1) Establish the wavelength covid19 is most sensitive to (max 1 week of work in a lab) 2) Set up a EARTH-BASED network to measure levels of above found wavelength. 3) You could also measure more wavelengths (spectrum) ...so you would have that data also. and voila you will have a plot ...that might tell it all ! How difficult is it to do that ... NOT !... it can be done fairly lowcost but it should start a.s.a.p. ..NOW ! ... so we have data from now ..if this takes to long to set up we will not have enough data from current minimum ...and next chance will be only 11 yrs from know. but maybe we can already see at least the short term (1yr seasonal) correlation. We will at least soon be able to see if virus-activity follows solar-activity levels. What is wrong with above ?
  21. I would prefer more reasoned answers rather than philosophy and the like.
  22. Hi Ron NL, please view the post linked below then scroll down to find my comment for this answer. the short answer is that the data you are looking for doesn’t exist right now. The most recent satellite to measure this was the source sim project - however that was recently decommissioned due to multiple failures over the years. Accurately measuring all wavelengths of solar irradiance from outside our atmosphere holds the key to so many answers but as of now and to my knowledge it does not exist..... the last known data we had for solar irradiance came from: http://lasp.colorado.edu/home/sorce/2019/07/15/sorce-operations-extended-to-january-2020/ but that has since been discontinued- with the last couple years of data corrupted as it fell further into the atmosphere.
  23. For Sure...It has to be! It's the Hearth Wich moves the Sun and other Stars! See you soon
  24. I propose the latter article which aims to connect the periodic excursions of the Earth's magnetic north pole with the deep minimums of solar activity. We also want to underline how the periodic stages of low solar activity seem more favorable to a "Carrington effect". As said in a previous thread, I hope the translation is understandable. https://urbancoldspots.blogspot.com/p/le-aurore-boreali-sono-uno-dei-fenomeni.html
  25. Thanks but I don't care. I limit myself to discussions, opinions and exchange of data. Political issues and their problems do not concern me and do not interest me.
  26. Thank you Aeon. The point is that we dont have time ... descisions and (possibly wrong) strategies/models are choosen now and the regular virologist ...etc ...that advise the governments ...totally ignore Solar-Activity (i know that since i follow their discussions and not even one suffest to look in to it (minimal solar-activity vs virus-outbreaks) nomatter how much their collegues previously have warned for this in serious publications it seems to be to much out of theit attention-range ...so we should bring this to their attention i;lm trying very hard but was in 1 whole week not able to talk to any keyfigure to at least bring it to their attention. Most research has gone to MAXIMAL solar-activity which also causes epedemics and also electromagnetic problems. The lack of natural (UVC) protection at MINIMAL has with a few exceptions been ignored or even discussed. THEREFORE WE HAVE TO BRING THIS TO THEIR ATTENTION A.S.A.P. ...since keyfigures and modelmakers obvioulsy do not known enough about it ... by observing the soon upgoing curve (very educated prediction) they could make better models and strategies. Draw their attention to it ... and let them at least think about if they could include that knowledge. If you know any politician, scientist,press or media ...let them know ...you may refer them to me also. Today i have started a facebookgroup about this ..please join the discussion: https://www.facebook.com/groups/147312296606308/ My personal facebookpge : https://www.facebook.com/mambito.degroot
  27. It is clear that the current situation had been indirectly predicted. They have done an excellent job, given the large amount of data it is now quite evident that a connection actually exists. I believe we should adapt to these new conditions from now and in the future.
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