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  2. The GOES 15 X-ray flux sensor may have had an adjustment 'fix' applied in the last 24 hours, for now it is tracking the GOES 14 sensor quite well (at these current low flux levels). Previously, Rubén Vázquez and I were discussing an apparent problem with the sensor over in the thread titled, "Recent Cycle #25 Sunspot" in the "Solar activity" forum.
  3. Rubén Looking at the GOES 15 plot today, it appears some type of 'fix' adjustment has been applied to it, just in the last day, for now it is tracking the GOES 14 sensor quite well.
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  5. Woop, SWPC appears to be using the GOES-14 data again! P=( X-Ray Archive—Sunday, 14 April 2019
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  7. This is what I’ve been thinking. I have bad hypersensitivities (light, sounds) and they tend to worsen along geostorms. One thing is that when Kp index is 0 - I am usually hyperactive and have very little -or none- sleep. I did notice that this was once mentioned on space weather.com by one man but his thoughts were very quickly shot down. So I didn’t have the courage to share my experience. But there is affects on human healt with high kp’s - so why not at lows? It would be interesting to hear your comments on this phenomena. Sunny
  8. Off-topic: this is a question forum, so the answers that get enough upvotes get on top with the answer that’s marked as best answer on top. Downvoted messages will end last. Equally voted messages will show chronological.
  9. I agree the forums should keep out the environmental-political doomsday conspiracies and related new age pablum, but as I suggested in another thread, given the increased recognition and research to heliobiology (“spaceweather biology”), might it not be useful to corral these discussions into its own forum (something like “Heliobiology”, or if that sounds too abstract, just “Spaceweather Biology”), thus not clouding the other forums's reputations with these sincere but potentially questionable ideas/theories? ########## BTW, is it just something in my settings, or do some replies seem to pin to the bottom as the last reply (such as quietfreedomʼs Monday morning 2am reply, which will probably be still stuck after my reply)?
  10. If discussions are going to take place about conspiracy theories, fake news and/or personal attacks on people, we have to close the topic. We request that discussions stay on-topic with enough scientific evidence thats backed up with facts and figures. Posts that do not comply will be removed and bans will be given out in accordance to the forum usage guidelines.
  11. Well, SWL looks like a platform for people to spout conspiracy theories from a soapbox, now. Great, I was liking this place.
  12. U totally missed the point of my post. But seeing your earlier dismissive attitude to the original post..not a surprise. LOVE is blind. That would include LOVE of our own ideas / self. Anything we LOVE, we are blind about. Not just relationships. "True love" doesn't need a word. It just is. But that's my perspective.... one man's logic, is another man's folly. One man's sense, is another man's crazy. Magnetic North moving rapidly is reported in numerous outlets - NatGeo, etc.... The video linked is just a short presentation about it....is it the cause of those specific birds dying - that is up for debate...but there are birds falling out of the sky all over the place. Animal populations are crashing (Various reasons - but one primary) and mass animal deaths are all over the place. Whales/dolphins, etc...beaching themselves....Look up MASS ANIMAL DEATHS. You might learn something, but then maybe you're not the type. Many say they are open-minded, when in fact they are closed. By the way - the word SCIENCE - is rooted in the word KNOWLEDGE / TO KNOW. So that means EVERYTHING. Not just what is "testable" or considered "science." The word has been hijacked to a narrow viewpoint. How much do you know about the language you type in? "Educated about the fields of science..." that's a pompous thing to say - you don't even know who you are talking to. Take a given subject too..and one scientist can say one thing, and another something else. How many times have people with fancy degrees or titles been wrong? Well..I'll leave it at that...and wait for another response from someone else. Maybe there won't be one. I'm looking forward to the "End of (formal) Science"....it won't be long. In 20 years that word will be obsolete... "Most Scientists" don't even understand emotions/feelings - something so basic to our existence...and that drives our logic! Can't even tell you where we get FEAR, HATE, ANGER from. Or how to get rid of it rapidly....why some people have more, some people less. Everybody knows something...too many titles in our world. Just leads to en-title-ment.
  13. Space weather affects us. Period. Why some are more aware, more "in tune" than others is a question I do not have an answer for...yet. Tailzzz24 you mentioned EMF's and I would like to share this with you... I AM THE BIRD IN THE BOX As I sit here thinking about YOUR future, and the future of your loved ones I shudder. You blink, and think...she doesn't know me. To which I reply, "I don't need to know you to FEEL the danger you are in." THINK about that. Think about those of us, aware and running for cover so to speak. Those of us who know all too well the damage, and debilitating pain. You wonder...what is she talking about? Well let me tell you... The symptoms come like tidal waves...the intensity varies. My headaches increased, some days the migraines left me lying in the dark unable to speak, the pain was so exquisite. My jaw, fingers and toes tingle, and on certain days my stomach pain would leave me bedridden for days, unable to eat. Other times I was nauseous with vertigo, unable to walk. Fraught with fatigue, forgetful of what I even did the day before I searched for WHY. The nosebleeds were an increasing bloody mess, adding further alarm to my young son who saw the pain and anguish distorting my face. My husband took me to doctors. So many doctors...gynecologists, a G.I doc, after all the ultrasounds, bloodwork...we were told all is well. We moved at this time, and then hell broke loose... I was on the floor, my mind cloudy, my pounding heart fighting against my tight chest. I was unable to breathe, gasping for air I dialed 911. I could hear my panicked son speaking to his father on my cell phone...help mommy daddy! By the time the paramedics arrived I was getting a grip, focused on my breathing. I told them I'm starting to feel better, I'll be ok. The medic shook his head reading my vitals and said you need to go now...so off I went. The ER doc said it was a panic attack. I don't panic. I went to a cardiologist, ran through the tests, bloodwork, and was told all is well. The nosebleeds continued, along with the stomach pain, the vertigo, but the migraines...the migraines burned with the intensity of fire now. Forcing me awake...running for an ice cold shower, unable to put it out! The burning was so painful that my family would awake with my cries. I was losing my hair at this point, the bald spot getting larger. We went to a neurologist who found nothing wrong. The pain in my jaw now throbbed, adding to my angst...and it was then that I started loosing teeth! We made an appointment to see a well known doctor down in Dallas, Texas. It was at this point we knew I had radiation sickness and I was going to get answers. I brought ALL my paperwork, and bloodwork (including a tri test for heavy metal toxicity) from all the various doctors. I was planning to have this well known doctor test me for EMF. Why? If I already knew what was wrecking havoc on my health? I was thinking this test was to be my proof to certain loved ones about my condition. Those in the family who were shaking their heads, speaking cynically amongst themselves about my "problem." Like a pariah, I craved their understanding but not for my sake, for their own. I speak out in order to get my warning heard, and the message heeded. The doctor in Dallas told me, you could pay to have this test done if YOU really need the peace of mind, but you will not change THEIR minds if they're addicted to the tech. His advice was to use that money toward removing those amalgams asap. Upon returning home, the dentist whom I was going to for over a decade was floored with disbelief as I tried to explain to him why I was loosing teeth. Mind you, he didn't have ANY answers as to why! I spoke to him about my microwave illness, about the toxicity of the amalgam fillings...he was cynically unmoved, all the while stating that amalgams are safe. It was at my fathers wake that I found the truth from a retired veteran. The military would replace their amalgam fillings every 6 months, otherwise the RF hitting those fillings would loosen them cracking their teeth causing loss. This is EXACTLY what I was experiencing. We found an exceptional dentist who, unlike my prior dentist, removed my amalgam fillings properly & safely. My jaw pain is gone now, AND I am no longer loosing teeth. How did we figure out what was damaging my health? Well I wouldn't be typing this if it wasn't for my husband. He had worked for the Dresden nuclear facility, and by taking a step back, looking at ALL MY SYMPTOMS, he saw I had radiation sickness. A professional was called in. He came to our home with cases of equipment showing us that we were living in a very unhealthy environment inside and out. We had serious dirty electricity coming in through our water line. There was also the wifi, cell phones, microwave, dect phone...all causing harm. The wifi & cell phones were turned off, and everything is hard wired now. The dect phone (mini cell tower), and microwave (leaking radiation) were tossed, but we still had all our neighbor's wifi bathing us in radiation. On top of that we had spoken to the utility company about my health issue, letting them know we did not want their smart meter on our home. Their response was indifferent disbelief saying in two years time EVERYONE will have a smart meter. I believe 5G is slotted for deployment in that time frame, we shall see. We were also told that we'd be charged an extra $22 on our electric bill, that is unless we accept their pulsed radiation device on our home. I wrote 3 articles for our local newspaper about these so called "smart" meters, and spoke at a town hall meeting concerning the danger. I tell you now, there's nothing smart about it. A smart home is an unhealthy home. The city didn't force a smart meter on our water line thankfully, since we told them of my condition and that we were living in the basement. They allowed me to take pictures of the meter instead, billing us for usage with no extra fees. Unfortunately this smart meter deployment affects us all. The word "deployment" should give you pause in and of itself. Though we paid the extra fee to keep the smart meter off our home, our neighborhood became part of the smart grid mesh network. Thus, our neighbor's smart meter, which faced our home, blasted pulsed radiation through our living space every 12 seconds! I took pictures of these meter readings before and after the smart meter was installed for proof. I also spoke with, and dropped off information with my neighbors about this deployment. Most smiled, disbelief clouding their eyes. The radiation sources didn't stop there...the professional showed the readings from 3 cell towers in plain view surrounding our home, as well as pointing out the high line wires at the end of our neighborhood. My husband worked at giving me some relief by buying foil backed insulation boards to line the interior walls. We'd put 5 sheets thick in some places trying to block the radiation. No matter the jokes about aluminum foil I went through rolls of it, because it helped. We also purchased our own meters, like the HF 38B Analyser which allowed us to detect where it was the worst, and we tackled those spots first. We moved our bed into the unfinished basement where I spent most of my day,...and we prayed. During this time the response from friend and family alike varied when they came to visit us at our home. You could imagine the complete surprise of a friend of mine who had come over to complete the paperwork on our VA refi. In the end, no matter how much we tried to clean up our environment we came to the realization that we couldn't completely stop the radiation from hitting us inside our home. I was not healing in this toxic mix. We had to move. Unable to find safe housing, my husband saw a steel storage building in an industrial park for rent in the newspaper. We decided to check it out immediately and happily found it was owned by a good friend. Unabashedly we spoke to him about EMF, and with meters in hand checked the huge storage unit for radiation inside. We had found our new home. I sit here typing this message to you now from inside this steel box. There are no windows here, and for this I am thankful. When I go out for extended periods of time, 3 hours or more, my Jeep has been made as radiation proof as possible. I do miss the sunlight, my garden, the breeze...but until we can relocate I am content just being for the most part without pain. You may be thinking...well I don't feel it, so it doesn't affect me. Oh but your wrong...it accumulates. The damage becomes more pronounced with this accumulation, and differs in the symptoms for each of us. Imagine that we all have a cup. Picture mine running over, while yours might be half full. I also want to impress upon you the fact that I do NOT take ANY pain meds, not even an aspirin. Whereas you may be masking the effects by taking medications. Nonetheless, the damage is being done. The accumulation piling up regardless of your being numb to it. As I sit here thinking about YOUR future, and the future of YOUR loved ones I wonder...will you shake your head in disbelief? Or will you realize that I am the bird in the box, the one miners once relied upon to alert them of danger...
  14. While there are believable premises at the root of a lot of the things you have been exposed to, I believe you are under the influence of propaganda and video alterations. Unfortunately, this makes actually discussing some of the matters with you impossible as you already have concluded, it seems, that meteorology has no substance in predicting how hot it will be today or tomorrow. No, the heat in Seattle has nothing to do with flares, nor was there a substantial enough change in the amount of radiation emitted by the Sun/received by Earth to call for... well, actually, there is a meteorological phenomenon taking place right now, but we can't blame a weakening of the atmosphere. It's an effect of rising sea surface temperatures, that's for absolute certain. This journalistic digging you've dug is not a scientific approach to assessing the things you are feeling, Seems to me you only recently started suspecting space and the sun of giving you physical symptoms, but we're at or near solar minimum... if you were to be experiencing these symptoms due to some hypersensitivity, then surely you would have showed up years prior with these premonitions. Believe me - you're not the only one suspecting some shenanigans in our atmosphere, but before jumping to conclusions, do yourself due diligence and become educated about the fields of science your conclusions rely on, and maybe in the future, assess the validity from a more objective, outward perspective. We are able to trick ourselves into hyperchondriasis due to a lack of education about subjects that uninformed authors will use to vehicle some doomsday article telling of how our cats can sense Earthquakes and won't warn us if they're coming, or how space rocks trap electricity and send it back down to earth via Radio Signals. It's all fuel for someone to say, "Yeah I can feel that!" Believe me, it would be cool if we could directly connect to outer space, but the consequences would be immediate, detrimental, and obvious. It's more likely you were experiencing a meteorological phenomenon, often disregarded by the doomsday authors since weather gets coverage internationally on a daily basis. That said, I believe it is called "Sudden Stratospheric Warming"
  15. Thank you for your answers and for helping me learn more about our king star. a hug.
  16. I think that looks much better, thank you!😀
  17. Thank you for your suggestion, the maximum width of embedded content has now been made smaller.
  18. On that same page is a link to another article (abstract), Effects of geomagnetic activity and atmospheric power variations on quantitative measures of brain activity: Replication of the Azerbaijani studies
  19. That thing ain't huge, ok the Earth itself fits in there a few times but still... We have seen much more bigger groups than this fairly magnetically simple region. Browse in our archive to October 24th 2014 and take a look at region 12192; that's one huge fella there . Just to say that this is a normal sized region.
  20. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/0304394081902469
  21. Wow, this thing is HUGE. I haven't seen an individual spot that is this big in years. Absolutely amazing.
  22. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/0304394081902469
  23. Ok, now I have a time for a little revelation. Could be a separate topic, but let's keep it here for now. This will be a bit long. Let's see where it goes. So I live in the Seattle area. On March 20th I went to a forested natural area. Remote enough that there is a sign before you drive in that there is no cell phone signal nor 911 (Though in practice a friend I was with at one time got his phone to work miles away from the sign (Deeper in the forest) - I only have an emergency cell phone, don't use one, and many times, don't even have the emergency one with me. Guess I'm ol' school). Anyways...it's important to know this part...became microwave radiation / cell tower / wi-fi / whatever.... increases static charge in the affected area, which also affects people. Did you know that? That's another story. And static charge is more harmful that we believe it to be. So...I was walking in this area (Road was closed due to snow). And the day and preceding days (See Wunderground calendar) were unusual for their heat. Global warming / climate change / solar activity - whatever you believe to be true. As I was walking I all of a sudden felt the wind blow a little and got this terrible static feeling, I took of my cotton t-shirt, was bare chested, and the shirt was ALL staticy (Is that a word). I felt really uncomfortable. I could feel the static charge in the air. It was really unpleasant. I made my way back to my car. [Later a co-worker told me she thought it was more staticy that day too - and she lived away from this natural area...many many miles. A grocery cashier also seemed to confirm when I asked him the same day - he was close to where I was walking - but it is still a number of miles away] [A side note - maybe you notice the air feels different after/during a storm, but this wasn't like that - but the electrical charge in the air has changed] https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/weather/temps-near-80-degrees-at-sea-tac-notching-record-for-hottest-march-day-ever/ https://www.wunderground.com/calendar/us/wa/seattle/KSEA/date/2019-3 So...then I learn there was a potential Aurora - March 23rd - that could be visible in Seattle. After the fact. This is relatively speaking, unusual. It never did materialize from what I read. https://cliffmass.blogspot.com/2019/03/potential-aurora-tonight.html?m=1 But it got me thinking....so I found this webpage. And we had a relatively strong C-class flare that day. The day it happened, it was the strongest of 2019, to be surpassed a day later. https://www.spaceweatherlive.com/en/solar-activity/top-50-solar-flares/year/2019 I have *never* felt a static charge in the air in a natural area like that before. In 40+ years...and I hike and have traveled alot (As opposed to someone who "doesn't get out much") So...is it possible... That the magnetic field in this particular spot, at that time was weakened / distorted and it let through more of the solar radiation from this flare? In other words - our "protection" is not functioning properly..... The time I felt it - around 1230p PDT more/less, is roughly 8 hours after the peak of the flare - per detailed graph. UTC-PDT conversion. But the effects of this increased radiation would persist until it dissipated? https://sciencing.com/long-solar-flare-reach-earth-3732.html (Link talks about EMF energy that accompanies a flare, and it comes much faster - before the charged particles of electrons/protons, etc...is there anything else?) We should be quick to point out that the charged particles take longer (usually) to hit the earth's atmosphere - thus the delayed aurora borealis of a couple days. https://www.spaceweatherlive.com/en/help/how-do-we-know-if-a-cme-is-earth-directed-and-when-its-going-to-arrive So..if this is possible...why is it occurring? As you may or may not know..the magnetic north pole is moving very fast - beyond all expectations. Something has changed in the atmosphere. This video - the beginning and middle part is relevant (And possibly the last). As for a mechanism...here is a video I made about microwave radiation and magnetic fields. And microwave radiation is coming out from all man-made wireless devices and transmitters. That would include satellites beaming down microwaves to earth ( For telecom/tv/radio, broadband internet, etc...) and your local cell tower / antennas, and wi-fi router, etc.. Was it particularly hot that day and others because of more solar radiation getting through a weakened magnetic field? Is that related? The heat started March 18th PDT. The pre C class flare started at 12:00 UTC, or 4am PDT. IT was already expected to be hot...but was it hotter than the expectations? That I don't know. https://www.spaceweatherlive.com/en/archive/2019/03/18/xray https://www.seattlepi.com/local/weather/article/Seattle-sun-weather-heat-record-temperature-70s-13698045.php ..so how this relates to health...when our electrical system is off we suffer various health effects. And we are affected by magnetic fields...more so the more metal in our body...this I have experienced personally.
  24. Hi, I first want to thank the creators of this wonderful website that is loaded with a lot of solar information handy for learning amateurs. My suggestion pertains to the size of a video link. When a URL link to a video (from youtube for example) is dropped into a comment, a very large window-image of the video thumbnail appears at that location. My only suggestion is to shrink the size of that window-image so that it is not as intrusive of a 'window real-estate' grab. ☺️ (You may please ignore this if it has already been suggested.) Thanks again for the wonderful site that you have put a lot of effort into and provide to the public.
  25. The F10.7cm Flux (http://www.spaceweather.gc.ca/solarflux/sx-5-flux-en.php) has responded with a pretty good boost:
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