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  2. Discrepancy In X-Ray Data?

    Well, canʼt you just allow the tags that are used above (I donʼt mean total source code, just the ones to be able to manually do the functions above: The automatic WYSIWYG posting can be difficult to edit/delete...such as when I pasted the solar flare quote below the image above a second time and then tried to delete it—the contents deleted, but not the table it posted it in, itself)? BTW, how come no archives for the past two days—is that your doing or NOAAʼs (I know their ftp server seems to be down)?
  3. Discrepancy In X-Ray Data?

    We've seen this before too and don't really understand why NOAA suddenly uses secondary data instead of their primary source. Normally if there are troubles with primary data, it is announced that they would switch to secondary but when solar flare strengths are added we'll get situations like this. Sometimes NOAA isn't really correct . PS.: Source mode is not available for safety reasons (if a spammer gets through, it could do plenty of things wrong with html injection )
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  5. Discrepancy In X-Ray Data?

    Solar flares Region Start Maximum End 2690 B1.0 03:20 03:23 03:28 Well, looks like they decided to use the secondary data:
  6. Aurora in Ontario, Canada

    Have you tried some aurora hunting yesterday? Or perhaps you are going to give it a shot today? The moon remains troublesome however but you might enjoy the image I made yesterday from Sweden.
  7. Aurora in Ontario, Canada

    Hi Marcel , Thanks a lot. Your reply really gave an insight into the parameters that needs to be taken into account.
  8. Aurora in Ontario, Canada

    Hello and welcome. I have no experience myself with the northern lights in Ontaria as I come from Europe, but some good rules to keep in mind are that you should try to avoid as much light pollution as possible and a new moon also helps a lot especially if the aurora is weak. The aurora is a bit more active in September and March (weeks around the equinoxes) but in theory they can be seen all year round as long as your skies are dark around midnight. Clouds are of course also a big problem. Toronto is a bit to the south but your magnetic latitude is okay. If you take the above advice into account you should have a chance during minor G1 geomagnetic storm conditions. You are maybe in luck tonight as we are seeing some very decent solar wind stats at the moment but the moon is a big problem tonight.
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  10. Hello Guys, I am looking for expert advices on Northern Lights Experience. I have few basic questions like , which months in the year are really good?And which place suitable in ONTARIO,Canada. Please share your personal experiences about any place that you have been to Ontario , Canada. My choice is a decent experience is good for me as can't drive too far away from Toronto.
  11. Far side

    Bedankt voor de hulp.
  12. Far side

    De linker kant en een stukje rechts is het aardegerichte deel. Komt overeen met de indicaties op de bovenste kaart. Maar goed, blijft het niks vinden deze kaarten.
  13. Far side

    Bedankt. Dacht ook al dat er precies steeds meer activiteit is aan de achterkant van de zon dan aan de voorkant. Mooi niet dus. Is bij de groene afbeelding de linker kant de aardzijde van de zon of hoe moet ik het juist zien?
  14. Far side

    De onderste afbeelding is een samenvoegsel van beelden van twee verschillende satellieten en laat de hele Zon zien. Het zwarte stukje is een gedeelte van de Zon waar geen beelden van zijn. Dit komt omdat een sattaliet genaamd STEREO B al een tijdje buiten werking is. De bovenste kaart is een computer impressie van waar mogelijk zonnevlekken te zien zijn. Het gebied gemarkeert met ''farside'' is de achterkant van de Zon, oftewel het deel dat we niet kunnen zien vanaf die Aarde. Ben zelf absoluut geen fan van die bovenste kaart. Zoals je ziet zijn er een hoop rare zwarte vlekjes te zien op het ''farside'' gedeeld wat echt nergens op slaat, er zijn daar echt niet zoveel zonnevlekken.
  15. Website

    Ja hoor, zeker wel.
  16. Website

    Geen idee of u dit weet maar wij hebben een soort gelijk archief, met interactieve grafieken. Kijk en geniet! https://www.poollicht.be/nl/archief/2017/09/06/xray
  17. Website

    Onlangs kwam ik tijdens het surfen deze site tegen. http://tesis.lebedev.ru/en/sun_flares.html?m=9&d=6&y=2017 Misschien kennen sommige onder jullie deze website al wel, maar wil toch even de link meegeven voor de geïnteresseerden.
  18. Far side

    Hoe interpreteer ik deze afbeelding? En hoe kan je bijvoorbeeld een bepaalde zonnevlek die net verdwijnt van de zichtbare zonneschijf blijven volgen op de achterzijde? Hoe weet je zeker dat het om die ene vlek gaat? Kan ik ergens een uitleg (nl) vinden hierover?
  19. CME Math

    Thanks, I'll have that page bookmarked
  20. CME Math

    Maybe some more input you can utilize for your equations: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-017-04546-3
  21. CME Math

    You're really going all in with this research of yours. I'm impressed.
  22. CME Math

    With that above, the multipliers add up and after just looking at a few number of CMEs they seem to work on any multiplier as long as the everything required is visible in the C3 imagery. Multiplier 2 is a guess with not many of those data points available in the CMEs I've looked at. Multiplier 0: In the path of the leading edge, 2 leading edge points Multiplier 1: In the path of the leading edge, 1 leading edge point, 1 shockwave point Multiplier 2: ??? In the path of the leading edge, 2 shockwave points Multiplier 3: In the path of the shockwave, 1 leading edge point, 1 shockwave point
  23. CME Math

    I did a bit of thinking today and I think I know where that number sqrt(pi/2) comes in to play with looking at some side views of CMEs. In the image the outer lines is the Lasco C3 field of view and the yellow dot is the sun. Now this would be a perfect world CME, the full ring would be the CME shock wave (if there is a name for it, I don't know it) from launch but not much of the shock wave would make it to the other side with the sun in the way. That leaves the part that is the main part of the CME. In the imagery the distance traveled of the shock wave times sqrt(pi/2) looks really close to the distance traveled by the leading edge of some CMEs. That is where the multiplier from the formula comes from, but I'll still need to go through all the data to figure out what to look for to get one of the multipliers.
  24. CME, Solar Winds & Earthquakes

    I'm not calling anyone names. I am just quoting a tweet of a very respected solar scientist. I even showed my support in my previous post, as I believe that if someone can prove that earthquakes and solar activity are related, the discovery could well be worthy of a Nobel Prize in my opinion. What I like to see is an explanation that explains exactly how space weather triggers earthquakes. What is it that space weather does to trigger these quakes. I don't just want to hear theories, it has to be supported by evidence. There isn't any evidence yet, only people correlating quakes with solar events. But solar events are common and so are quakes so you are bound to hit the jackpot a couple of times, but that doesn't proof they are related? Yes space weather influences our magnetic field but what does that have to do with plate tectonics? Any evidence I have seen thus far seem to be more based on random luck of random solar events occurring at the same time as an earthquake. Also, earthquakes remain a common occurrence even during solar minimum. According to the logic of this theory, shouldn't there be a significant decrease of earthquakes during solar minimum? Or less earthquakes during a weak solar maximum than during a strong solar maximum?
  25. CME, Solar Winds & Earthquakes

    Marcel, I appreciate the comment but I wanted to have a discussion about the effects of solar activity on the earth. To think that the sun and other happenings in the universe don't have any effect on the earth is kind of naive. Here is a link to the full article if you would like to read it. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3790986/ It would have been more helpful to show me some research or data that backup your claim instead of calling what i'm trying to learn as back yard science or showing a tweet that just wants to say that because i'm trying to show a correlation of solar winds and cme's as having an effect on earthquakes as "Dumb" just shows the ignorance of some people. Facts! I don't consider the research of these individuals as "Back yard Science" but maybe their research does show a correlation with the earths weather and volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. I don't have a degree in astronomy or as a physicists but I do find the subject of the universe very interesting. I don't mean any disrespect to you or anyone else but I would think we can have a discussion and agree or disagree without calling each other "Names" References.docx
  26. CME, Solar Winds & Earthquakes

    Hello Paul, There is currently no solid verified scientific evidence that link space weather and earthquake activity in any way. There are indeed certain communities that do their own research and aim to link the two together or claim to have done that but this is what I'd call ''back yard'' science which should be approached with a healthy dose of common sense. There is a tweet from very respected solar scientist Karl Battams that I always remember when these discussion pop up. It's too funny not to share: Everyone is however of course entitled to their opinion and if you manage to prove a correlation between solar activity and earthquake activity you might win a Nobel Prize. Who knows!
  27. CME, Solar Winds & Earthquakes

    Hi Paul, In my opinion there absolutely is a correlation. From how I see and experience it, huge amounts of Highly Charged Particles that penetrate our atmosphere not only impact / destabilize our GeoMagnetic Field and disturb Electronic Devices and affect our Well-Being, but they somehow also need to discharge their load and just as normal Lightning does on a small scale: find the weakest spot in the neighborhood, so does the Highly Charged Solar Radiation in huge amounts find its way to the weakest spots on a Global Scale, and these are along our Tectonic Plate Fault lines. This explains why incoming increased Solar Winds not only create GeoMagnetic Turbulence but also trigger more massive Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruptions and even increase Tropical Storms. There is at least one Earthquake predicting community who observes Space Weather and is able to predict M6+ Earthquakes with a certain hit ratio. I'm not a scientist but I frequently write about Space Weather including Solar Activities.
  28. CME, Solar Winds & Earthquakes

    Hi to everyone, I'm new to this forum but not this site. I have been interested in our star and the effects of the sun on the earth. I have asked other people if large CME's and/or earth facing Coronal Holes and elevated solar winds have an impact on Earthquakes here on Earth. I've been told no but monitoring this for over a year I believe their is an impact on Earthquakes. The latest Coronal hole (earth facing) that occurred before Thanksgiving on Thursday thru Saturday, I saw an increase in earthquakes starting on Sunday and then slowing down on Tuesday. Some of the quakes were over 6.0. I'm not sure if it's the heat from the solar winds that heat up the center of the earth or the plasma or the increase of particles that interact with the earth but their is a definite correlation with these events. I wanted some feedback if I am correct and if not why. I would also gather data to show why I believe this to be a fact. Thanks and this is a great site. Paul E
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