Aurora alertmails

When there are chances to see an aurora display, high solar speed winds, a good low Bz, space radiation storms or big solar flares we can give you a wakeup call with this service! Every time something interesting happens on the sun or with fair chances for an auroral display you'll get warned so you never miss anything again.

What alerts do i receive?

E-mail Twitter
Middle latitude Auroral Activity Watches/Warnings
Geomagnetic storm warnings
Predicted Kp-index
Space Radiation storms (S1 to S5)
Solar flares
CME impact
Coronal holes

How to subsribe for e-mail?

  • After filling in the form above, you will receive an e-mail to confirm your subscription
  • Compose a new, empty, e-mail message to the adress stated in that e-mail and paste the activation codeline into the content and send the e-mail
  • After this you will receive a welcome message and confirmation of subscription
  • You are now succesfully added to the alertsystem

How to subsribe for alerts on my Smartphone?

  • 1. Install the official Twitter App on your smartphone
  • 2. Go to our profile @_SpaceWeather_
  • 3. On our profile page, click on the icon with the head
  • 4. Click on "Activate notifications" to start receiving the alerts


In december 2006 more then 15 alerts where send, these are the headers:

  • X9.06 Solar Flare Alert
  • M1.27 Solar Flare Alert
  • M6.08 Solar Flare Alert
  • S1 Space radiation storm
  • S2 Space radiation storm
  • S3 Space radiation storm
  • M2.08 Solar Flare Alert
  • Aurora chances 8-10 december
  • X3.41 Solar Flare Alert
  • Alert KP: 7.67
  • ...

Good to know

You will only get e-mails when there is significant activity like the example above when big solar flares erupt, space radiation storms are triggered, ... . If you did not confirm your e-mailadress, you will not receive these messages. You can or may not place messages on the list as this is only for alerting the subscribers of notable events.
Do note that, during strong solar activity and geomagnetic activity, you can receive much e-mail from the alert system!
Also, add our e-mailadresses to your safe e-mail list so it don't end up in the spam section of your mailbox.

Disclaimer can not be held responsible for sending too many mails that you might see as spam messages. In times of high solar activity there could be more alerts then usual. By subscribing you confirm that you want to receive these notifications of solar and auroral activity.


I want to:
Current data suggest that it is not possible to see aurora now at middle latitudes
The strength of the interplanetary magnetic field is moderate (12.8nT), the direction is North (8.8nT).

Latest news

Today's space weather

Auroral activity
Minor Severe
High latitude 25% 25%
Middle latitude 5% 1%
Predicted Kp max 3
Solar activity
M-class solar flare 35%
X-class solar flare 5%
B8.9 B8.0


A lot of people come to SpaceWeatherLive to follow the Sun's activity or if there is aurora to be seen, but with more traffic comes higher server costs. Consider a donation if you enjoy SpaceWeatherLive so we can keep the website online!


Space weather facts

Last X-flare:2015/05/05X2.7
Last M-flare:2016/02/12M1.0
Last geomagnetic storm:2016/02/08Kp5 (G1)

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